How a Trip to the Himalayas Changed an Influencer’s Entrepreneurial Mindset

Despite setting out on a journey to the Tibetan Plateau without any expectations, spiritualist and author Master Sri Akarshana’s chance encounter with the renowned Grand Master Akshar set into motion a sequence of events that would lead not only to receiving the Spiritual Master title himself, but also to the rapid success of his career.

In mid-2019, the YouTube influencer was satisfied with most aspects of his life, but his spiritual awakening while reclused in the Himalayas would lead him to adopt three simple principles that have since guided him to greater career success and spiritual fulfillment. Now, more than 40 million views and 655,000 subscribers later, I had the opportunity to chat with Akarshana regarding his experience in the Himalayas and how it affected his approach to entrepreneurship. Here are three lessons from the Spiritual Master himself.

1. Dominate humbly.

While under the guidance of Grand Master Akshar, Akarshana had a great deal of time to reflect. He had always been an entrepreneur but noticed that over time, how he did business had changed. As he became more comfortable, he became less driven. Even though his resources were greater, and whether a matter of pride or contentedness, he was doing less.

One of the first in the major shifts in perspective Akarshana experienced was learning that, as he puts it, “Success, happiness and fulfillment can be achieved much faster if the right practices are in place.” Specifically, these practices involve maintaining a poor man’s drive and humbleness, but a rich man’s efficiency and knowledge. This is to say that operating with, in Akarshana’s words, “no ego, with no greed and with no expectation” will smooth the path before you, while focusing your efforts on impact and value “will naturally create income.”


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