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We were founded to provide a more exceptional level of advertising for clients in an already very competitive market. Using researched strategies to increase market share where others may have failed, choosing a more interactive experience.

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Seven Cities shows 100% commitment to working closely together with a unity linked by one vision. That vision is in the opportunity we provide to experience unlimited growth progressing to the heights of personal choice.

About Us.

Seven Cities’ expertise in building our clients customer base, through establishing long-term personal relationships has served us well. Focusing on offering products having cost effective benefits or more advanced services over competitors in the marketplace, making them suitable for mass market penetration.

Chicago Is Our Home

Covering all bases.

Chicago has become a marketing hot-spot over the years, and is the one to watch for the future. The advertising business community keeps growing here thanks to an influx of large-scale development projects and increasing young talent to the area.

Innovative Marketing

We get your brand out there.

Our branding and marketing strategies at Seven Cities are tested and proven to generate high volume customer acquisition molded around the targets and expectations of our diverse portfolio of clients. We are creative thinkers.

Because Teamwork

Makes the dream work.

We have assembled an experienced group of top branding and advertising experts with experience across a wide range of industries. Exclusively operating with brands with larger nationwide infrastructures, ready for us to keep producing the optimal  results.

We Develop

We Create

We Brand

We Win

Brand Building Experiences.

Our focus is creating opportunity and we live and breathe that in every part of our business. From our clients growth, to expansion opportunities and lastly to the customers we serve by delivering a customer focused sales and marketing approach.

Working alongside Seven Cities will help grow your customer base. Promoting, increasing brand awareness and marketing various products and services is what we do best, which is why we have grown so quickly. Even though we are keen to expand alongside our clients we have to ensure with our growth we maintain our professional yet personalized approach to our clients and their customers.

Blog & Events.

Here at Seven Cities we like to share tips, insights and advice for visitors via our blog.

This is our creative space, where you can also find out what the Seven Cities team are up-to, where we are going and the fun we’re having along the way. Stay tuned.

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